800,000 TPY Scrap Based Steel Making and Casting Facility

Instructed by Gruppo Beltrame

A Clean Modern 800,000 TPY Scrap Based Steel Making and Casting Facility




1997 Tagliaferri 85t (75t tap) EBT Electric Arc Furnace

- Tamini 96 MVA Furnace Transformer

- Unused Spare Furnace Shell & Spare Furnace Transformer


Tagliaferri Ladle Furnace

- OTE Verbano 27MVA Transformer


Comprehensive Tecoaer Dust/Fume Extraction System

- YOM 2006

- Total Flow 1,600,000 NmC/h

- TE Transformer

– 3.2MVA


Danieli 6 Strand Continuous Billet Caster

- 130 tonnes/hour capacity

- Installed 1989, Refurbished 1999/2001

- STS Sennini 85t Ladle Turret


Ancillary Equipment

- Ladles & Ladle Transfer Cars; Scrap Baskets

- Ladle Repair & Heating Station


Available immediately

Location: Turin, Italy

Early Inspection strongly recommended


Charles Moses T: +44 (0)7831 854971

E: Charles.moses@cjmasset.com


Steve Tribe T: +44 (0)7836 688453

E: steve.tribe@liquidityservices.com


Dr Phil Thomas T: +44(0)7738 804761
E: phil.thomas@parkegate.co.uk


Tecmo Hunter 4High Non-Reversing Foil Rolling Mill (LAS 2)
1st Modernisation Programme: 1991.
2nd Modernisation Programme: 2004.
Motor Size: 590kw. Max Coil Width: 1600mm. Max Coil Weight:7500kg. Max Entry Gauge: 0.6mm. Min Exit Gauge: 2 x 0.008mm. Coil I/D: 600mm. Max Coil O/D: 1700mm.
Annual Capacity: approx 5,500 tonnes.
Automatic Gauge Control System: Accuray.
Thickness Tolerances as per DIN 1974.
Range of Drawings and Technical Documentation.
Principal Spares Include: 1 Backup Roll: 8 Work Rolls: 6 Chocks for Work Rolls; 1 Rack for Work Rolls; 3 Horizontal Roll Frames; 2 New and 1 used Bearings for Back-up Rolls; 8 New Bearings for Work Rolls; 3 x Horizontal Racks for Work Rolls.

Guide Price: €1,300,000 for the two or will sell separately!