21 Stand Bar Rolling Mill & Walking Beam Billet Furnace

For Sale by Negotiation

Instructed by TLM SA, Luxembourg

A Billet Fed Demag 21 Stand Bar Rolling Mill


Stein Heurtey 100t/hr Walking Beam Billet Furnace


Product Range

  • Round and Square Bars: 14 - 40mm
  • Flats: 20/120mm x 5/25mm
  • Equal Angles: 20 x 20mm to 80 x 80mm
  • Unequal Angles: 40 x 20mm to 80 x 40mm

For Sale as a Whole

Available Immediately

Joint Selling Agents

Steve Tribe
GoIndustry Dovebid

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e: steve.tribe@liquidityservices.com

Charles Moses F.R.I.C.S 
CJM Asset Management

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Dr Phil Thomas 

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