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Client testimonials:

Robbie Sinclair - Mahle Engine Systems, Scotland 

"Mahle Engine Systems Kilmarnock first approached Parkegate in April 2013 to ask them to tender for design & manufacture of a bespoke modular frame to house a camera inspection system that had been scheduled for installation late 2013.

Working to a tight timescale from the outset it, was clear that the emphasis was to provide a working platform that would present the strip in a stable environment to maximise the inspection systems potential. As well as being able to draw on their experience of similar installations, Parkegate worked tirelessly with Mahle and Cognex to provide a comprehensive design that accommodated all the system and process requirements with an in time delivery.

Parkegates’ flexibility, communication and attention to detail was a major factor in the success of this installation. Subsequently Mahle have engaged Parkegate in further investment projects, where they are providing invaluable expertise, confident in the quality of service provided."


Ricky Venkatsami - Hulamin, South Africa

“Hulamin has worked with Parkegate on various projects on our aluminium cold rolling mills and processing lines. A recent upgrade was to modernise the AGC and AFC of one of our mills to increase the coil size from 1600mm OD to 2100mm OD. This was a tough challenge as we were under pressure to keep costs down and to complete the installation within the shortest time possible. The dedicated team of experienced professionals at Parkegate helped us complete the task within budget and on time, even with minor scope creep that was introduced by the operations team.”