2014 news archive

Dec 2014     New Scrap Marker for Mahle

Continuing our valued relationship with Mahle Engine Systems, Parkegate are pleased to have been selected to supply a new scrap marking system to the Kilmarnock plant.

The newly developed 5 zone marking system will work in conjunction with the existing inspection unit, also provided by Parkegate. The increase in marking zones, from 1 to 5, is expected to provide significant product yield benefits going forward. 

Sep 2014     Apprentice News

Congratulations to Ben Eyers on completing his apprenticeship here at Parkegate. Ben has been with us for the last 2 years during which time he has completed an HNC in Engineering (Mechanical Design) as well as gaining valuable experience working in various departments around the company. Ben has now taken up the offer of a full time position in the engineering design department and we look forward to seeing him flourish here at Parkegate. 

In parallel to this, Parkegate welcomes Daniel Duran-Shaw on to our apprenticeship scheme. Daniel will be following the same path as Ben, taking a day release HNC whilst gaining working experience.

Sep 2014     Aluminium 2014 in Düsseldorf

Parkegate welcomes you to join them at the upcoming Aluminium 2014 fair in Düsseldorf between the 7th to 9th October.

You will be able to find us on the SMS booth (Hall 9, Booth 9C20) where we will be happy to discuss your requirements for any upcoming modernisation or upgrade projects.

Aug 2014     Roll Load System Update 

As part of the modernisation of their 6 high Hitachi cold steel mill, Mycron Steel selected Parkegate to address issues with the existing roll load hydraulics, specifically the ‘Hyprop’ system Force Motor Valves (FMV). Whilst the operating performance of the valves met requirements, the spares cost, duration and cost of maintenance has been an issue that Mycron were looking to improve upon.

Following a site survey to fully define the requirements, a new servo valve solution was developed utilising the existing seals, filtration, operating pressures and accumulator pre-charge. Parkegate engineered the new valves into the existing cylinder mounted manifold arrangement, employing a bespoke adaptor block for the valves and new pressure transducers.

The project was successfully commissioned in August.

Jul 2014     Roll Separation System for Tata's Double Reduction Mill

During work roll change on the DR mill at Trostre the rolls are currently separated by manually inserting a series of 'packers' between the operator and drive side chocks.

Modern mills use automatic work roll separation systems and recognising the operational benefits that such a feature brings, TATA looked to Parkegate to adapt their existing mill design to incorporate this function.

Previous systems utilised a proprietary gas or elastomeric spring added into the bend ram pod to provide separation. Parkegate have now supplied an upgrade where the bend ram and gas spring are a common integrated unit, giving improved operability and increased rigidity by reducing the main component parts.

Covering the full range of work roll diameters, the new separation cylinders are integrated into the existing bottom work roll chocks with minimal modification. 

Jun 2014     New Beltwrapper put into operation

Supervised by Parkegate, the new beltwrapper for Hulamin's existing cold mill has been successfully installed and commissioned. 

The new beltwrapper provides the ability for the mill to both over and under wind, with and without a spool.

Jan 2014     Successful start up for new Strip Inspection Unit

Parkegate were selected to engineer and supply a strip inspection unit for Mahle Engine Systems UK, which has now been successfully installed in their existing inspection line.

The unit was carefully designed to fit the existing space and with the unit being pre-assembled off-line, it was possible to keep the shutdown time to a minimum. The design also recognised the importance of providing precise camera positions and a stable strip surface and the success in achieving this was reflected by the very short start up time for the camera system.