2013 news archive

Dec 2013     New Side Guides commissioned at Hussey Copper

Parkegate Ltd recently successfully commissioned side guide equipment for Hussey Copper in Leetsdale, Pittsburgh USA.

The contract was to design, supply and commission the side guides for an existing copper Hot Mill.  The new guides replace the original equipment which had passed their useful life.  The mill currently rolls both hot and cold copper and copper alloys from slabs of up to 7 Tonnes and 190mm thick down to 10mm thick sheet.

The new guides are of a hydraulic design and include position control, overload sensors and hot metal detectors to allow automated operation with the minimum of operator intervention.

The total contract supply was for both entry and exit guides, hydraulic power unit, valve stand, control equipment, software, spares and commissioning.  Manufacture was by a leading supplier within Europe.  The order was won against stiff competition from other suppliers and was completed in a time of approximately 8 months from contract signing to equipment acceptance. 

Sep 2013     New Strip Inspection Unit for Mahle

Parkegate have been selected to supply a strip inspection unit for Mahle Engine Systems UK, Scotland. The unit, which will be installed in an existing inspection line, has been engineered by Parkegate to allow for the inspection of top and bottom strip surfaces by means of a proprietary camera system.

Jul 2013     Armco do Brasil Mill rolls first coil

We are pleased to announce the first coil has been rolled on the relocated and upgraded reversing carbon steel cold mill at  the new Armco do Brasil facility, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Parkegate in consortium with ABB Brazil has provided technical assistance on site during the installation, commissioning and start up phases with the first coil being rolled on 16th July. 

Jul 2013     New Beltwrapper for Aluminium Cold Mill

Hulamin Aluminium has selected Parkegate to supply a new beltwrapper for their Cold Mill.

An earlier design engineering order for the beltwrapper has now been followed by an order for the supply of the new unit. The new, upgraded design incorporates the ability to over or under wind, with or without spools, and will be located in the existing base structure. Parkegate will also be providing supervision services for the installation and commissioning period.

May 2013     New Engineering Design Order

As part of their ongoing maintenance/improvement programme, Hulamin Aluminium has awarded Parkegate a design engineering order for a replacement cold mill coiler unit.

The new gearbox and mandrel will be based on Parkegate designs, and will be designed to match the existing coiler parameters, fitting directly on to the existing foundations and interfacing with the existing outboard bearing support.

(An order for the supply of the coiler unit has subsequently been secured by Parkegate with delivery of the new unit due for early 2014).

Apr 2013     Equipment Supply Order for On-line Inspection Systems

Subsequent to an earlier engineering design order, Parkegate have now received an order for the supply of two inspection systems from Samsung Engineering. The Hot Mill and Cold Mill systems are due to be delivered in October. 

Apr 2013     New Order for Hot Copper Mill Side Guides

Following a detailed evaluation and recent reference visit, we are pleased to announce that Hussey Copper have selected Parkegate to supply replacement entry and exit side guides for their hot mill.

The new guides are of a hydraulic design and include position control, overload sensors and hot metal detectors to optimise performance.

Parkegate’s scope for the project includes the design and supply of the side guides and hydraulic system, plus supervision services for the installation and commissioning.

Mar 2013      Production Start Up of Hot Mill at Hindalco

The Blue Fox Hot Line started production in the middle of March 2013.  Successive coils were rolled from slabs down to 3mm with remarkably few problems.  The level 2 control system was operational.  Production will ramp up as the various systems are finalised and tuned.  Improvements in quality will be the principal focus in the coming months.  Parkegate’s involvement in commissioning will reduce as Hindalco/Novelis run the plant and optimise the process.                

Mar 2013      Continued Progress with Hindalco Tandem Mill Start Up

On Friday 1st March the Blue Fox Tandem Mill rolled it’s first coils. Slabs were fed from the roughing mill and 6 coils were produced which were about 7mm thickness. Commissioning will continue to optimise production and quality.

Jan 2013      Installation begins on Brazilian Steel Mill

Work on the the relocated and upgraded reversing carbon steel cold mill continues to progress at  the new Armco do Brasil facility, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, with foundation work due for completion mid Jan 2013.  Parkegate’s involvement with this upgrade includes design and supply of 3 coil cars and storage saddles, entry shears, new mill entry and exit tables with shears, strip wipers, passline/tensiometer rolls, X-ray gauges, mill modifications including new work roll chocks, AGC cylinders, new mill sprays, strip guiding, coil retraining rolls and the associated services.  A work roll change car was subsequently included in the design scope, with local manufacture by the client.  Mill drive mechanical upgrades with associated new motors and electrical drive / mill control systems provided by ABB Brazil are also included.  Installation begins mid Jan 2013 with production scheduled for the end April 2013.