Parkegate offer a wide range of consultancy services which includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Bid Evaluation / Equipment Specification
  • Engineering Studies

Our design engineering and process consultancy team are well versed in analysing the feasibility of a project from its initial concept and the development of this concept into the final working solution, whether it be the smallest equipment modification or the complete production plant.

We specialise in providing proposals and technical specifications for the upgrading or replacement of equipment as well as complete new items of plant to suit the needs of our clients. We are also often employed to assist clients in the preparation of specifications for equipment from other suppliers and to provide assistance with the analysis of bids.

Our process, mechanical, fluids and automation engineers, supplemented as required by other specialist disciplines, have carried out numerous Engineering Studies worldwide. Clients have found that the precise requirements for new equipment or modifications to existing plant often extend from an initial engineering study of current plant and production practices, and as such, clients have recognised that the small initial cost of an Engineering Study is quickly recovered from the payback of the firm recommendations, design concepts and pricing which results from the study.

Recent consultancy services provided include:

  • Aluminium Hot Mill Scratch Brush Study
  • Aluminium Cold Mill Entry Side Study
  • Technical Assistance for Aluminium Mill Widening Project for Hot and Cold Mills
  • Bid evaluation for a Single Stand Reversing Cold Mill for Carbon Steel
  • Tandem Mill study to improve tinplate production performance
  • Equipment specification review for Aluminium Hot Mill, Cold Mills and Continuous Caster
  • Carbon Steel Tandem Mill drive train study
  • Mill widening study for a 4 high Magnesium Mill
  • Design study for Aluminium Cold Mill
  • Mill speed increase study for Stainless Steel Mill
  • Upgrade study for Aluminium Cold Mill
  • Productivity study for Aluminium Hot and Cold Mills